There was a group of girls (or maybe it was a group of boys)  that lived a long (or maybe short) time ago. They may have lived in a town or maybe they lived in a city. Maybe, for this story, it's girls who live in a small village in a place that may or may not be called Maybetropolis. Maybe, all the people said maybe instead of yes or no- or maybe the people simply did not want to disagree with anyone.
      Anyway... one teacher in Maybetropolis taught all (or maybe some) of the children that maybe was the best answer to any (or maybe all) questions. When asked what their names were, all (or maybe some) of the children replied, "Maybe." Because of this (or maybe thanks to this) all (or maybe some) of the children were known simply as Maybe. They could not argue, nor could they agree. Maybe IV tried to enter a college but all the teachers told her she must be more assertive. In response, she shrugged her shoulders and said, "Maybe..." 
      Maybe 808 tried to get a job at a pizzeria but whenever anybody asked what was today's special, she had only been taught to answer "maybe" and so the owner of the pizzeria fired Maybe 808.
      Maybe, none of the Maybes could stand up for anything so when innocent people were jailed they could only say maybe. Maybe this story has a moral and, maybe the moral is that you should stand up for what you believe in.

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    Delia S. Toplen, Lyra Scarlet Twann, & Esmeralda Collum

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    January 2013